Migrant Justice

Streams of Justice has always been a predominately white group of settlers on unceded indigenous territory. We have become increasingly aware of colonial Canada as a “fortress” – a heavily guarded place that allows certain types of people to enter through an exclusive process. We have striven to understand our potential as allies to migrant groups, and have worked to join in the struggle for the right to remain, the freedom to move, and the right to return. We seek to challenge the ideology of immigration controls, detention and deportation, “national security,” racial profiling, law enforcement brutality, and exploitative working conditions of migrants.

Over the years …

In the Fall of 2006 we held a series of evening presentations that focused on different (but related) social justice struggles, and one session was given over to learning about the Canadian immigration system and the process for refugee claimants. In subsequent years we hosted community forums on the changing immigration laws that entangles migrants in more punitive and exploitative legal structures. No One Is Illegal (NOII) and Kinbrace Community Society provided clear and critical analysis of the increasingly harsh immigration regulations under the direction of Jason Kenney, and NOII provided opportunities to engage in public protest against deportations, imprisonment and exploitation of refugees, temporary foreign workers and undocumented people. We have rallied in front of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices on various occasions, banged pots and pans outside a correctional facility where Tamil refugees from the MV Sun Sea were detained, disrupted events hosting Jason Kenney, opposed the filmed-for-reality-TV raid of a job site that resulted in arrests and deportations of undocumented workers, and marched in the streets against bills that expanded the criminalization of migrants. As the “fortress” continues to intensify its policies of punishment against people who come seeking refuge and security, we will keep engaging in the fight for justice.


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