Indigenous Solidarity

Streams of Justice began its work by focusing on local issues of homelessness and poverty. We wanted to understand the systemic causes of these conditions of injustice and violence. It didn’t take long to realize that indigenous people were significantly over-represented in the stats, and this awakened us to the most fundamental injustice of all: the colonization of indigenous lands and peoples, and the dispossession, domination, racism, and genocide that was integral to it. The role of Christianity in the colonial project gave urgency and resolve to the process of learning about this disturbing history that had been effaced from our white settler educational curriculum. This has been an ongoing journey for us and has become more intentionally shaped by efforts towards solidarity with indigenous struggles and our own path of decolonization.

Over the years …

We held forums on the history of residential schools (2007), a critical analysis of the official apology of the Canadian state (2009), the role of capitalism in the colonial project (2010), murdered and missing indigenous women (2011), and the Indian Act (2012). We co-hosted panel presentations on indigenous struggles against resource extraction and the fight for sovereignty and self-determination. We supported the Musqueam resistance to condo development at Cusnaum (a traditional burial grounds), and participated in the Unist’ot’en Action Camp organized to defend their land against an impending pipeline corridor in the summer of 2012. We’ve also held reading and discussion nights focused on decolonization for white settlers, co-sponsored fund-raisers to support indigenous land defenders, and participated in and promoted the Idle No More movement. As settlers, we are committed to the ongoing pursuit of decolonizing practices and solidarity with indigenous struggles.


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