SoJ has always been a predominantly white group of settlers on unceded indigenous territory. We have come to see the central role racism and white supremacy played in the construction of the colonial project, and have been trying to understand the ways in which white privilege and domination works in our present political context, and how we can work to dismantle it.

Over the years …

In addition to participating in an annual anti-racism march and working in collaborative and supportive ways with groups led by indigenous people and people of colour, we also hosted a two-day anti-racism workshop for white allies in the summer of 2011. For those who attended, it was a powerful and challenging experience that awakened the need for more work on this front.

We have also had a reading and discussion series on racism and the construction of white supremacy within the colonial history of this region. Clearly this was imposed on indigenous people, but others bore the weight of deep discrimination in the state-making project. Articles/books which have been the topics of discussion include: The Cross and The Lynching Tree by J. Cone; Metalanguage of Race by Evelyn Higginbotham; Vancouver’s Chinatown: Racial Discourse in Canada 1875-1980 by Kay Anderson.


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