Who we are and what we do

Who we are:

  • Streams of Justice is committed to the pursuit of a more just, equitable,inclusive, and compassionate world.

  • Through education and action, we seek to expose and oppose unjust and oppressive social structures

  • Through action and reflection, we want to imagine alternative possibilities for individual and collective flourishing.

  • We actively affirm respect and care for the earth, and uphold the dignity of all.

What we do:

Weekly we meet together, sometimes as many, but more often as few. We hold forums, plan public actions, attend rallies, support other social organizing groups, watch films, and reflect on all the above.
We are informed and invigorated by the persistent call to justice in the Christian tradition and the biblical story.

We equally welcome those for whom that tradition is seen as problematic or irrelevant. All are welcome.
We share leadership, tasks, and roles. We have no membership.
We aim for all to be heard, old and new.

We are not attached to one issue, but seek to engage in the struggle for justice on many fronts::

Indigenous Solidarity, Poverty and Homelessness, Environment, (Im)migration, Economics, Law and Enforcement, etc.

We recognize that these are not isolated features of our world, and are but parts of a larger whole. We look to address that whole – the root causes of all injustice.

We are not alone.

We are but a small part of a growing global movement that seeks a better world for all. We gratefully and humbly accept our role in that movement. May we never give up on that vision of a better world.

Let us usher it in.