Support the Oppenheimer Park Tent City!

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From Vancouver Courier –

Despite the city’s eviction notices, camping protesters at Oppenheimer Park have no intention of leaving.

“I have sworn myself that I’m going to stay here until the last person on our list gets subsidized housing,” said Anthony Guitar, one of four coordinators of the park occupation movement, which they are calling Homes for the Homeless. “If that takes till the [civic] elections in November, so be it.”

On Tuesday, July 15, park rangers handed out eviction notices to people sleeping in Oppenheimer Park. Downtown Eastside residents like Guitar who opposed the eviction occupied the park early Wednesday morning around 1 a.m. in support of their cause. Some residents are in nearby single-room occupancy hotels but have set up tents at the park, arguing the quality of housing in the area has to be improved.

The eviction notice from the city said campers had to remove all permanent structures by 7 a.m. July 20. No force has been used to back up the notice.

“I pay $550 for a dungeon,” said Guitar, who lives in an SRO. “The place is bug infested. There is no air circulating in the building and what not. It’s not properly cleaned. There’s a lot of damage in the building.”

Police and park rangers surrounded Oppenheimer Park Monday morning accompanied by social workers offering shelter beds to homeless campers. Guitar believes the presence was an intimidation tactic. Read more…