Facing Privilege: A Decolonization Workshop for Settler Allies

Saturday, June 14th, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (lunch included)

With special guest Kim Haxton

GCBC, 1803 East 1st Ave

Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory


Max capacity: 20 people (registration required)

Suggested donation: $20.00 (includes lunch)

To register, contact streamsofjustice@gmail.com


Colonization is a political and ideological project whose ultimate aim has been the subjugation and elimination of Indigenous peoples in order to obtain unfettered access to their lands and resources. The violence and oppression employed by the colonial state to accomplish this objective has devastated Indigenous families, communities and nations. The settler population, however, benefitted significantly from the colonial processes of genocide and theft, and continues to enjoy the wealth and privileges secured by settler colonial structures of power. Countering these dynamics of violence and injustice means facing our own privilege as settlers, and undertaking the long journey of decolonization. It requires a commitment to undo the political and economic structures of oppression, and to engage the hard work of decolonizing our minds and transforming our social relationships. This workshop will be a step along the path of decolonization for settlers, and will help to inform our work of Indigenous solidarity.


It is an honour to have Kim Haxton lead us in this workshop. Kim is a Potowatomi, from the Wasauksing First Nations Reserve in Canada. She is a skilled facilitator of indigenous spiritual healing practices and ceremony. Kim has experience working with groups wanting to explore their relationship with colonization, racism and privilege. Her community healing work emphasizes leadership development, embodied awareness and ‘betrayal-to-trust’ rites of passage, conflict resolution, de-escalation, de-colonization, diversity and anti-oppression training.