July 29 – 7pm. Anti-racism discussion.

Join us for an anti-racism reading and discussion night. We’ll be discussing a chapter from Black liberation theologian James Cone’s new book “The Cross and the Lynching Tree,” which explores these symbols of explicit and implicit state-sanctioned violence in various ways. Lynching was a violent expression of white supremacy aimed at maintaining the structure of white domination and black subordination through extra-judicial executions and accompanying torture as public spectacle. I’ve chosen one chapter that focuses on the experience and courage of African-American women within the context of lynching.

Another reading is a rather academic but interesting article by African-American writer Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham that looks at race in relation to gender, sexuality and class within the narratives of African-American women’s history.

July 29. 7pm. GCB Church.

HIGGINBOTHAM – metalanguage of race

J.Cone reading